Streamline Key Business Processes Through Cognitive Automation

Our cognitive Intelligent Automation solutions make it possible to overcome the biggest challenges by automating business processes with artificial intelligence.

Intelligent Document Processing

Blackstraw’s document automation solutions minimize the need for human review in decision making for a range of domains, including the mortgage, banking, and healthcare industries as well as courts and government bodies. We employ a combination of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to build innovative solutions that enable automatic classification and extraction of relevant data—without human intervention. This allows enterprises to quickly ingest data from forms, financial and legal documents, and more, then extract key-value pairs and entities. Our solutions are built to seamlessly integrate with DMS or RPA solutions as the case might be.

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Cognitive Engagement

An overwhelming majority of enterprise data is unstructured and free form text, such as emails, specifications, contracts, customer feedback, etc. By employing Natural Language Processing, we transform the free, unstructured text in documents and databases into valuable intelligence. We then enable automated engagements with stakeholders, be it customers, employees,or leadership, through conversational AI.

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Content Generation

Through Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation algorithms, data can be leveraged to deliver better customer experiences and generate content in record time. We can automate the creation of market intelligence, composing summaries and contractual documents that are virtually indistinguishable from human-created content. We are also integrate speech and text synthesis to simulate human conversations and that can advance conversational AI.

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