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At Blackstraw, we provide a complete range of data, analytics and AI services designed to fuel innovation and foster growth. With a team of over 300 skilled data scientists and data engineers, alongside 100+ successful implementations, we bring you the best of data warehousing and data lakes, creating unified AI and Data solutions.
Partnering with Databricks, our mission is to break down data silos and inject data-driven insights into your business processes. We offer open, straightforward, and multi-cloud solutions that pave the way for a more data-savy future. As a trusted Databricks partner, Blackstraw specializes in AI/ML solutions, Databricks Platform Implementation, Data Optimization, and Data Migration.


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Data Lakehouse Consulting Services

Embark on a data transformation journey with Blackstraw’s Databricks consulting services. We conduct strategic assessments tailored to your unique needs, providing a clear roadmap for the design and creation of a robust data lakehouse.


Data Lakehouse Implementation Services

Experience the power of a well-implemented data lakehouse. Blackstraw excels in turning concepts into reality. Our lakehouse implementation services ensure that your infrastructure is optimized for performance, scalability, and data accessibility.


Data Engineering Services

Effortlessly migrate your data to the cloud with our comprehensive data engineering services. We specialize in extracting data from databases, files, and API datasets, seamlessly loading them into your data lakehouse. Our approach ensures a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud.


Data Migration Services

Enable a seamless transition from on-premises to the cloud or within your existing private/public cloud instance. Our data migration experts conduct a thorough multi-cloud decision analysis, providing tailored recommendations to optimize your migration strategy.


MLOps on Databricks

Elevate your machine learning operations with our expertise in MLOps on Databricks. Blackstraw integrates machine learning into your data processes, ensuring that your needs are seamlessly deployed, monitored and optimized for ongoing success.

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Building an MLOps platform on Microsoft Azure and Databricks for a large US-based Utility company

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Why Databricks?

Data and AI Company

With origins in academia and the open source community, Databricks was founded in 2013 by the original creators of Apache Spark™, Delta Lake and MLflow. As the world’s first and only lakehouse platform in the cloud, Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI


One platform for integration, storage, processing, governance, sharing, analytics and AI. One approach to how you work with structured and unstructured data. One end-to-end view of data lineage and provenance. One toolset for Python and SQL, notebooks and IDEs, batch and streaming, and all major cloud providers.


Automatic optimization for performance and storage ensures the lowest TCO of any data platform together with world-record-setting performance for both data warehousing and AI use cases — including generative techniques like large language models (LLMs).Whether you’re a startup or global enterprise, Databricks is built to meet the demands of your business at any scale.


Databricks platform ensures an end-to-end protection of your data. Founded on strong security practices, Databricks offers a unified architecture for seamless data integration, storage, processing, and governance. With transparent data governance, it provides a clear view of data lineage and provenance, enhancing accountability. 

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