Redefine the Way You Make Decisions Through Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence techniques are increasingly extending and enriching decision support through processing all forms of data and providing recommendations, identifying anomalies, and providing insights to the user in the most appropriate forms.

Recommendation Engines / Recommender Systems

Wise business decisions are made when business executives and decision-makers have reliable data and recommendations. Our AI solutions provide the critical insights that not only improves the performance of both the individual members of the team, but also the competitive edge of the business. We build solutions that recommended products, optimize operations, and suggest next-best actions in a variety of business processes.

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Anomaly Detection

Don’t just rely on common sense and tribal knowledge to anticipate the risks and consequences of critical business processes. Identify items or events that do not conform to an expected pattern or to other items in a dataset that are usually undetectable by a human expert. We build AI solutions that help businesses react favorably to real world data by being able to detect structural defects, quality issues, or frauds.

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Image and Video Analysis

Businesses across various industries are looking to harness the abundant, rich information contained in images and videos to find innovative solutions for their challenges. Leveraging our expertise and assets in computer vision, we embed image and video analytics across value chains to improve outcomes ranging from visual search, safety & surveillance, autonomous vehicles, and more.

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Take Advantage of Decision Insights for your Business