Our Mission

Fast track AI adoption in enterprises having use cases ripe for Prediction (Applying learning from old data to New data).

Adopt AI only when needed and has sufficient data backing it.

Overcome the talent gap that is impeding AI implementation in Enterprises.

About us

We are a group of experts that have led several real world AI implementations. We understand the pain of automatic decision making and still maintaining high level of accuracies. Through our learnings on trickiest of implementations we at Blackstraw have built a Platform Approach to AI Implementation.

If you are an enterprise where voluminous decision making is done by humans resulting in slower speed to market & high costs; chances are high that AI will help your enterprise and we would like to hear from you.

Blackstraw Platform

Efficient Labelling Tool kit for Voice, Text, Images and Videos supplemented by Synthetic data creation

An abstracted framework that enables model training and tuning on several frameworks at one go.

A module that allows to compare outputs of several models through catalogued datasets and provide them in easy to understand comparative visualization platforms.

Machine Learning optimized Validation module that can be operated by in-house teams or crowd sourced teams.


Create Strategy

“State of Data” assessment: Just like humans learn from situations; machines learn from data. The data needs to be representative, optimal and labelled. We critically evaluate the state of data in your enterprise before suggesting the right use cases for application of AI.

Use Case Identification: Blackstraw professionals assess use cases that need “Prediction”. Situations where learning from old data can be applied to new data crave for AI application and we help you identify the same.

Writing the Press Release: We believe that KPIs and ROIs need to be written down and well thought off. Following the “Amazon Way” of choosing projects to work on; we write down an internal press release with You so that ROI is substantive and clear right at start.

Provide Tools

Blackstraw has created an end to end deployment and Operational framework to implement deep learning in Enterprises.

By means of efficient data labelling tools supported by synthetic data creation systems, a simplified and abstracted Modeling framework that deploys in real time with “one touch” and smart operational management tools that maintain the high level of accuracies that your enterprise deserves; Blackstraw simplifies and expedites AI implementation in your enterprise.

E2E Implementation through Connected Partners

AI implementation requires “ Human in the loop” services be it for data labelling or managing operational SLAs and Quality through “smart crowds”. Also we realize that each domain is different and special needs may arise for reference data management or operations management.

Blackstraw through its several IT development partners, Robotic Process Automation Partners and Labour provision partners enables an end to end implementation if you so desire.


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